HP-O optical sensors

Fast and highly-accurate optical measurements

HTA HP-O 800x428

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The HP-O sensor solution is a scanning technology for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and is based on frequency-modulated interferometric optical distance measurement.

Non-contact measurement reaches a new dimension. The advanced HP-O optical sensor range sets new standards for optical measurements on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and offers customers unprecedented benefits. Of the many measurement systems and sensor technologies available, there is no other solution on the market that combines the precision, measurement flexibility and throughput of the HP-O optical sensor solutions.

  • Features & benefits
    Combination of the Best on the Market
    Some sensors are fast, some give accessibility, others are flexible. HP-O combines all these benefits with high speed, good accessibility and great accuracy.

    Flexible and Adjustable Solutions
    There’s a variety of HP-O sensors, each developed to meet specific requirements. No matter how demanding the application, if it can be measured optically there’s a perfect HP-O optical sensor solution to do so.

    High-Speed Scanning

    With help of the interferometric laser system, a thousand points per second can be captured. This leads to unprecedented optical scanning times.

    High Accuracy
    The HP-O optical sensors are based on an interferometric system and are one of the most precise technologies for distance measurements on the market.

    Non-Contact Measurements
    The HP-O range’s non-contact optical measurement method means there is no mechanical influence on the part, eliminating wear on the stylus tip and marks on the part.
  • Related information
    The HP-O range includes a wide variety of sensors, each one ideally suited to specific requirements.

    Interchangeable fixed sensor solution.

    HP-O Adjustable
    Fixed sensor with unlimited styli alignment.

    HP-O Hybrid
    Sensor with both, tactile and optical styli in one configuration.

    HP-O Multi
    Sensor with up to six optical styli in one configuration.

    HP-O Flex
    Indexing probe head with optical probe, utilising probe changes with standard tool racks.

    HP-O Flex 90
    Probe head with advantages for measurements of horizontally aligned parts.

    HTA Solutions

    HTA solutions utilise Hexagon’s advanced HP-O sensor technology in combination with a high-accuracy coordinate measuring machine (CMM), rotary table and QUINDOS metrology software package providing accurate high-speed, non-contact scanning with the potential to reduce measurement cycle times for any number of industry applications.
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