Hexagon UG Collision Avoidance System

The Hexagon UG Collision Avoidance System (UG CAS) offers unparalleled integration of sensors and software to mitigate the risks posed by heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

HxGN Underground UG Collision Avoidance System

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Main benefits

Awareness empowers personnel to act

Sophisticated sensors enable 360 degrees of awareness and help eliminate blind spots. The smart alarming feature leverages advanced time-to-impact, distance-based collision avoidance technology. 

Superior integration, less clutter

UG CAS integrates with Hexagon UG Pro workflow software on the same display. With a clutter-free cabin, vehicle operators can stay focused and make better in-the-moment decisions.

Reduce costs and equipment downtime

Metal-to-metal and metal-to-wall detection capabilities triggers an alarm in case of imminent collision, protecting equipment from costly damage.
HxGN Underground UG Collision Avoidance System Product

When it comes to safety, only proven solutions make the grade underground 

As mining moves underground, the level of risk to personnel increases. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic move through narrow tunnels with limited visibility, which can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. 

With Hexagon UG CAS, mines can protect their people and equipment. Built on reliable hardware proven in all mining environments, UG CAS helps minimise near-misses and reduce speeding events, while offering continuous 360-degree visibility.  

In addition to enhancing driver awareness, the system empowers pedestrians to act. The Personnel Tag contains visual, audible and vibratory alarms for maximum protection. A single button trigger panic alarm enables pedestrians to warn oncoming vehicles of their presence.  

In a challenging mining environment, point solutions just don’t cut it. Integration with a full Fleet Management System and surface CAS compatibility offers superior protection.

Proven solution for mining environments

UG CAS leverages the same advanced technology used in more than 40,000 vehicles worldwide in open pit environments.

Robust analytics support continuous improvements 

UG CAS protects all mining vehicles, assets, and vehicle operators within 500 metres and collects data that can be used to make the safest mine possible. Analytics capabilities ensure full access and interpretation of data for continuous safety improvements.

Unparalleled integration enhances safety

Multiple servers tied to one platform provide data consistency and reliability. Superior integration, unmatched reliability, and advanced safety features help mines ensure that everyone gets home safely.

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