Hexagon Platooning

Maximise the safety of ore haulage, boost cost-efficiency whilst reducing your carbon emissions.

HxGN Autonomous Mining Platooning

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Interactively explore your own life-of-mine journey to see how Hexagon leads to safer, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable mines across the entire mine site lifecycle, or contact us to discuss your unique challenges.

Main benefits

Proven perception system for superior safety

The Hexagon OP Collision Avoidance System, already widely deployed in mining environments around the world, protects equipment and keeps people safe.

Integration with a full pit-to-port solution

Integration with a full pit-to-port solution helps mine enterprises increase fleet availability and unlock stranded tonnes.

Maximum control for increased fleet availability

Robust positioning system provides a view of where vehicles are within 10 centimetres at all times, maximising operational efficiency.

Achieve a key autonomy milestone

Long-haul drivers are in short supply and relocating personnel to remote mining routes is costly. Driver fatigue can be a significant liability and safety concern. 

Hexagon Platooning is the crucial next step in the journey towards fully autonomous long-distance haulage.  

The solution brings together drive-by-wire technology with an autonomous vehicle management system to offer maximum control, increasing fleet availability for ore haulage.  

More vehicle autonomy also means greater sustainability. Full control over driving behavior means better fuel efficiency, which is good for the planet and the bottom line.

Reliable position information

Redundant GNSS receivers combined with TerraStar correction services provide positioning accuracy for automated road-trains. 

Collision avoidance enables tight convoy formations

Integration with the Collision Avoidance System means that autonomous convoys can travel safely with small spacings in between each vehicle.

Cost-effective transformation

Existing fleets can be converted for drive-by-wire to accommodate the autonomy system without having to purchase specialized vehicles.

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