Hexagon MinePlan Resource Geo

Create detailed mineral resource estimations for any deposit type. Collect and manage data, interpret and model geology. Estimate grades while assessing and managing uncertainty at your mine.


An interactive mining experience

Interactively explore your own life-of-mine journey to see how Hexagon leads to safer, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable mines across the entire mine site lifecycle, or contact us to discuss your unique challenges.

Main benefits

Secure data management

Integrates with the 3D viewer and other products for coding, spearing, compositing, validating, data analysis, interpolation, modeling and more.

Visualization and CAD

Easily visualize large amounts of data in 3D and 2D with multiple views, advanced customization options and integrations across MinePlan solutions.

Robust reserve estimation

Estimate and report reserves for any deposit type from 3D block models, gridded seam models, gridded surface files, and/or geologic solids.

Spend more time being a resource geologist

MinePlan’s Resource Geology Package integrates tools for data management, visualization and CAD, QAQC, statistics and geostatistics, geologic modeling, structural analysis, block modeling, resource estimation and more.

A centralized database platform manages drillhole, blasthole, sample and other data, with functionality for coding, spearing, compositing, validating, QAQC, viewing core photos, and supported dynamic integration with the 3D viewer for correlating and analysis.

Geologists and geotechs can analyze data from databases and block models using a comprehensive collection of statistical and advanced geostatistical functions. They can better understand their structural geology data through the built-in stereonet analysis tool.

Using the GeoLogic implicit modeling add-on, robust sequences of implicit 3D surfaces and solids can be built with advanced CAD and automated methods. Complex sub-blocked 3D block models (3DBM), gridded seam models (GSM), and gridded surface files (GSF) can be generated for resource calculations using a variety of interpolation and simulation methods.

Integrated workflows save time, establish reproducible results

Logic workflow manager builds customized time-saving workflows and establishes robust processes with reproducible results. Seamless workflows connect drillhole management, geology/block modeling, 3D CAD, mine design, optimization, LT planning, ST scheduling, D&B and ore control.

Robust statistical, advanced geostatistical functions

Analyze data from databases and block models. Employ univariate and bivariate statistical methods and chart types. Complex geostatistical methods include declustering, contact plots and advanced variography. Generate customized charts and pivot reports.

Advanced explicit/implicit 3D modeling of surfaces, solids

Build robust explicit and implicit 3D surfaces and solids using advanced CAD and automated methods. Depend on the GeoLogic implicit modeling add-on to produce air-tight, reproducible, auditable sequenced geologic surfaces and solids using advanced RBF algorithm functionality.

Learn more about Basis Geostats

Basis Geostats is a set of advanced geostatistical routines for interpolation and simulation of 3D block, stratigraphic, and gridded surface models.

Discover Sigma for geostatistical analysis

Sigma is a statistical application that comprises tools for univariate, bivariate and spatial geostatistical analysis of geological data. Learn more..

Learn more about MinePlan's tools and products

Powerful products make MinePlan a complete solution for any mine planning workflow whether open-pit or underground..

Learn more about Torque database and QAQC

Torque is an SQL-based database platform for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other sample data with advanced functionality for data processing and QAQC validation. Learn more.

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