Hexagon Drill Assist

Increase equipment lifespan, enhance drill operator performance and improve blasting outcomes with dynamic corrective action technology. 

An interactive mining experience

Interactively explore your own life-of-mine journey to see how Hexagon leads to safer, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable mines across the entire mine site lifecycle, or contact us to discuss your unique challenges.

Main benefits

Dynamic corrective action produces predictable results

AI algorithms monitor all input signals and determine the best parameters for a given ground type to avoid hole failure. This enables high-precision drilling, which produces better blasting outcomes.

Shorter drill operator training time

Automation removes the need for operator input, guaranteeing performance, regardless of drill operator experience. Training only requires 15 minutes to complete.

Compatibility with existing OEM systems

Leverages the existing OEM technology so drill operators can work with familiar controls, enabling a smoother, more cost-effective transition.

Develop a smarter, more successful mine with high-precision drilling

Drilling is a key step in the production process to get right because it impacts blast outcomes. However, skilled drill operators are hard to find and costly to train, which impacts machine performance and drill hole quality.  

Drill Assist enhances drill operator performance, minimizes hole failure, and reduces wear and tear on equipment. AI technology monitors all input signals and takes dynamic corrective action, reducing reliance on operator input. By retaining the existing OEM technology platform, the tool helps mines to innovate without having to invest in new machine controls. 

As part of an autonomous connected ecosystem, Drill Assist helps mining enterprises generate value and long-term productivity. 

Intuitive user interface shortens time to productivity 

Unlike traditional automated drilling platforms, the Drill Asist user interface is intuitive, and does not require extensive operator training. This empowers drill operators to improve hole quality, regardless of experience.  

Machine automation raises the bar for accuracy 

Algorithms monitor all input signals and take dynamic, autonomous corrective actions to avoid hole failure.

Integration with one, connected ecosystem generates better outcomes

Drilling data can tell the mine site about ground hardness, ore grade and enable decision-makers to integrate this information with insights from downstream practices to improve blasting outcomes.

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