GeoMedia 3D

Interact with 3D data natively in GeoMedia

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GeoMedia 3D overview


Organizations that process elevation data achieve maximum benefit through seamless visualization of 3D surfaces. The ability to understand the surroundings and visualize the terrain assists in making better environment-based decisions and performing more effective real-world assessments.

GeoMedia 3D is an extension to GeoMedia that enables a wide range of 3D capabilities for defense, intelligence, government, transportation, utilities, communications, public safety and security applications. GeoMedia 3D extends the functionality of Hexagon’s geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment to visualize, navigate, analyze and interact with 3D data natively in GeoMedia.


GeoMedia 3D capabilities

Integrated 3D environment

Easily move between 2D and 3D environments as GeoMedia commands operate on the active window.

Enhanced decision support

Benefit from the photo-realistic view of your assets, including the ability to fly through and evaluate areas of interest from all perspectives.

Urban modeling

Gain better insight into the impact of change on the environment, based on a realistic understanding of real-world parameters.

Asset management

Bring point clouds directly into the 3D environment alongside GIS data to create new opportunities to precisely locate, update and monitor the condition of assets in the field.

Community impact projects

3D makes a visual connection with the public to give a better sense of a project beyond the technical details and can assist in gaining public support.

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