eMMA Q-Board

The eMMA Q-Board module helps manufacturers enhance decision-making, streamline diagnoses and optimise their quality operations. The web-based quality dashboard achieves this by providing easy-to-use summaries of complex, multi-level quality data.

Q-DAS eMMA Q-Board software shown on monitor in marquee

Gain fast and accurate insights from large volumes of quality data

eMMA Q-Board enables users to quickly and accurately gain insights from large volumes of quality data.

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Product capabilities

Simplified analysis, smarter manufacturing

By aggregating data into key quality indicators, Q-DAS eMMA Q-Board allows for fast and precise analysis and comparison of information across various areas, including suppliers, virtual assemblies, projects, and production sites.

Users can quickly glean insights extracted from critical status information and current/historical data. This enables manufacturers to make informed decisions, backed up data, that will improve operations and drive value to the wider business.

...the web-based product

  • Quick and simple analysis of complex, multi-level quality data
  • Large volumes of data are summarised in quality indicators for easy comparison across various critical quality criteria
  • Streamlines decision-making for process optimisation
  • Enables fast identification of issues for timely problem resolution
  • Intuitive interface and easy-to-use, visual dashboard.