The Digimat solution, empowered by Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), enriches CAE analyses by intrinsically connecting the manufacturing process, material properties and structural part performance. Manufacturing processes, ranging from injection and compression moulding, draping, thermoforming, additive manufacturing and many more, induce local microstructures, residual stresses and defects. These are captured by Digimat material models bridging the gap between the manufacturing process and structural part performance, making design simulations more accurate and reliable. This holistic solution unlocks lightweight designs with no compromise on performance and quality, while reducing the time-to-market and CO2 footprint of these components.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Benefit from a unique material supplier ecosystem offering high-fidelity Digimat material cards ready to be used in CAE on a large number of situations
  • Create quantitative or semi-quantitative materials cards within a few minutes thanks to powerful reverse engineering workflows
  • Speed up the development process with an easy-to-use fibre orientation estimator that allows non-specialists to quickly evaluate the best gate positions to maximise material and part performance
  • Interface with most of manufacturing process software and structural FEA solvers
  • Design and validate a part performance with confidence for any loading scenario (static, crash, creep, durability, NVH, thermal management and many more)
  • Actively contribute to sustainability objectives by designing lightweight products that use less materials for tests and qualification

Tools and solutions:

Digimat-MX provides access to the ecosystem of material suppliers with an extensive database of material cards. The tool also allows easy and fast calibrations of new material cards based on limited experimental data.
Digimat-MAP allows the transfer of manufacturing data from a processing mesh to a structural mesh with a high versatility in supported data and formats.
Digimat-CAE interfaces with structural FEA solvers to couple material cards and manufacturing data in integrative simulations.
Digimat-RP is a comprehensive solution that takes into account the process-induced material microstructure in the finite element analysis of the component.