Increase your confidence in simulation by leveraging predictive multiscale techniques

Digimat MS
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Digimat-MS is a comprehensive solution that takes into account the process-induced material microstructure in the finite element analysis of the component.

Elevate your designs into performance with Multiscale Simulations

By integrating manufacturing in the design cycle, Digimat-MS allows engineers to reduce the number of prototypes and bring products to market faster. The holistic solution spans from micro to macro, leveraging local microstructures induced by manufacturing to enrich CAE analysis and predict structural performances with unparalleled accuracy. The intuitive interface empowers engineers of all levels to swiftly design lightweight components with confidence, supporting their sustainable objectives.

Users can select from various manufacturing processes such as injection and compression moulding, draping, thermoforming or additive manufacturing, and experience a seamless workflow tailored for the considered application. To increase productivity, Digimat-MS interfaces with a variety of FEA solvers and provides dedicated fatigue and failure post-processing capabilities. 

Value & Benefits: 

  • One solution combining material database, filling analysis for injected part, and post-processing
  • Leverage filling analysis for injection moulding components
  • Decrease time & costs with predictive analysis
  • Increase confidence in design as well as part's reliability
  • Integrate a fibre orientation estimator for injection moulding

Key features:

  • Standardised framework for multiple workflows
    • multiscale simulation
    • fatigue lifetime computation and post-processing
    • probability of failure variability
    • generate interface files
    • mapping
    • uncertainty quantification plugin
  • Interfaces with most of the FEA solvers and software
    • Marc
    • MSC Nastran
    • Abaqus
    • Ansys
    • LS-DYNA
    • OptiStruct
    • Samcef
    • PERMAS
    • Moldflow
    • Moldex
    • Sigmasoft
    • Simpoe
    • 3D Timon
    • Rem3D
    • Cadmould
    • VISI Flow
  • Wide range of material models
    • short and long fibre reinforced polymers (with MuCell porosity)
    • sheet moulding compounds
    • unfilled, (bead) and fibre reinforced polymers (with lattice)
    • unidirectional and woven-reinforced polymer
  • Accounting for manufacturing processes and data
    • injection or compression moulding
    • microcellular
    • fused filament fabrication (FFF)
    • fused deposition modelling (FDM)
    • selective laser sintering (SLS)
    • continuous fibre fabrication (CFF)
    • CFRP process
    • fibre orientation
    • weld line
    • weld surfaces
    • fibre length
    • volume fraction
    • residual stresses