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Fixturing designed by metrologists

As a World leading measuring system manufacturer, we recognise the need for a fixture system that allows maximum access to the part that is required to be measured, and at the same time holding the part very securely.

Maximum access to the parts being secured

In today’s High Precision and High Technology World, the complexity of many of today’s manufactured components mean that in order to inspect them correctly and accurately, they need to be secured using very special Fixturing Systems.

When the part is held in place it needs to be clearly visible, and the holding & clamping has to be discreet in order to allow the measurement probe room to obtain the maximum accessibility.

A wide range of precision accessories

There are a wide range of accessories available to suit every type of component that needs to be held. The basis of the system is the Stand-off which screws into the base plate and is available in several diameters and lengths.

These also connect to each other so that exact heights can be reached.

Fittings are available which connect to the end of these standoffs to give even greater holding flexibility and include standoff pins, magnets, cones, universal joints, vee locators, height adjusters etc.

In addition thumbscrews, toggle clamps, spring plungers and tension spring posts are available to provide an infinite variety of solutions, in fact no matter how awkward the component, Swift-fix offers a solution for holding it.

The main benefits of Swift-fix are:

  • Repeatable location of parts
  • Maximum access for probing
  • Aids accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Unlimited configurations from one kit - no need for expensive dedicate fixtures
  • Simple to build
  • Wide range of clamping and holding options - even for flexible parts.

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