Ensuring 5-axis kinematic performance


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Quickly identify and correct kinematic errors. Use CheckSet5 to analyze the kinematic behavior of the 4th and 5th axis on milling machines. Review the exact condition on the machine and adjust the centres of rotation with the data collected. This lays the foundation for automated production.

Built on NC Gage‘s Teach-In technology, CheckSet5 can be used quickly and easily without any macro programming knowledge. The kinematic performance of the machine is clearly documented and correction parameters can be transferred easily via a simple menu and a couple of clicks.

As part of Connected Probing, CheckSet5 allows the use of kinematic data for different types of statistical analysis.

  • Features & benefits

    Check or setup rotary axes quickly

    Determine the center of rotary axes and measure their performance with only a few simple steps.  
    Quickly tell if the performance of the machine has changed after collisions or changes in the environment.


    No need to use an expensive strain gauge probe; accurate measurement is possible with any probing system. By mapping deviations at various 3D probing directions, inaccuracies in the probing system can be corrected for all probing directions.  

    Operation without Macro Knowledge

    Using a unique teach-in method and interactive operation, flexible setup and use of the system is possible without having to modify, or program any macros 

    Complete solution including direct data transfer

    Being one complete, integrated package, no additional software is required. Interactive use means neither macros nor result data must be manually transfered to and from the machine. Correction values can be directly written to variables on the machine.

    Built on NC Gage

    Have confidence, and conformity with results calculated with the same mathematics used in Hexagon‘s CMM software.  

    Easy upgrade to NC Gage

    Upgrade at any time to NC Gage and get the most out of gauging on the machine. An upgrade to NC Gage allows all geometric measurements, select GD&T evaluations, quick setup functions, as well as many other functions.
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