Handheld optical inspection solution for railway wheel flange dimensions


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CALIPRI Prime is fully-integrated optical inspection system for the precise measurement of the key railway wheel flange dimensions (height, width, qR) within a few seconds. 

With CALIPRI Prime, errors caused when attaching bulky instruments and variations from using wheel profile wear gauges or templates are a thing of the past. CALIPRI Prime uses laser light section technology, so a camera/laser unit in the measurement device records the flange profile of the wheelset without having to manually attach it to the wheel profile. The device’s embedded software evaluates flange height, thickness and cross dimension (qR) according to preset limit values. All the wheel characteristics are displayed on the sensor screen within a few seconds and are available for digital transfer to your PC if needed. Additional functions, such as colour highlighting of out-of-tolerance areas, and an upgrade package for hollow tread, rollover and wheel width measurements, are optionally available.

The CALIPRI Prime is typically used in for train wheel measurement in maintenance applications in service shops, stations or in the field. It can replace mechanical gauges and fixtures for several wheel measurement applications, reducing the total cost and improving accuracy.

Wheelset and track profile for train and rail

Train wheelsets and rail infrastructure are typical wear parts, and have significant effects on passenger comfort and safety as well as noise and ride.