Simplify the shaping of individual parts, including toe notches, cut out around columns, clip and radius corners

CABINET VISION xShaping production software marquee

Create truly custom assemblies

With xShaping, you can step outside the box and take control of the shape of your products.

Product capabilities

Key features:

  • Parametric Assembly Shaping (Advanced Constraints)
  • Parametric Part Shaping (Advanced Constraints)
  • Parametric Route Shaping (Advanced Constraints)
  • Part Level CAM Editor and Reports Views
  • Split Parts
  • Add & Modify Operations on Parts
  • Ability to Save Library Parts
  • Replace Part w/Library Parts or DXF's
  • Exploded Assembly View
  • Edit Part Shape from Room Level
  • Combine Multiple Assemblies/Toes in Elevation View
  • Define & Apply Flutes to Parts