AM STUDIO stands out as a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use additive manufacturing solution, providing end-to-end support through every stage of the production process, including post-processing


Simplifying the Additive Manufacturing Journey

Intuitive user experience and first-time-right production

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User Intuitive

AM STUDIO directs you through every step of the process, from importing your data to the final post-processing stage, making tasks like material and machine selection straightforward. With its user-friendly graphical guide, intelligent algorithms, and automated systems, it supports you in effortlessly achieving your objectives. This comprehensive solution boasts a robust build processor that can swiftly handle intricate geometries with minimal resource usage. In essence, AM STUDIO is a high-end, yet intuitive, solution tailored for your additive manufacturing needs.

Optimal part orientation

Based on intelligent algorithms, so-called ‘OrientationMaps’ support 3D nesting during data preparation. The arrangement of parts is shown in color-coded zones, whereby the optimal position and orientation of parts are both highlighted.

Alongside standard support geometries, AM STUDIO also offers sophisticated, special support structures. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the user can generate savings on both construction time and cost by drastically reducing the time to print.

The embedded, high-performance algorithms allow the user to generate and process slicing data at speed, all while requiring low memory consumption.

AM STUDIO combines machine manufacturer-proven build time estimation algorithms with part and material data to generate a high-quality estimate of build job costs.