Flexible gantry coordinate measuring machine for large workpieces


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For over 40 years, Hexagon has been the unrivalled market leader in gantry CMMs. In 1963, the name DEA was established with the pioneering ALPHA gantry CMM. In the decades since, ever-advancing technology, innovative solutions and constant development in collaboration with customers has led to hundreds of installations worldwide. The gantry architecture is the ideal solution for all measurement applications on large-sized automotive and aerospace components, as well as heavy transportation, communication and satellite equipment. Designed without central pillars, the CMM offers easy access to the measurement volume and easy loading and integration with part transportation systems, alongside world-class dynamics and accuracy performance.

ALPHA 2.0 is available in two versions: ALPHA 2.0 Classic and ALPHA 2.0 Performance. All ALPHA 2.0 versions can be supplied with optional bellows and covers which offer the CMM protection from airborne shop contaminants.

ALPHA 2.0 Classic is a multi-purpose flexible CMM for the dimensional inspection of large castings and machined parts. When equipped with optical scanning sensors, the system can rapidly digitise millions of data points on freeform components. This makes it an ideal reverse engineering and inspection system for the die and mould manufacturing process.

ALPHA 2.0 Performance is a high-performance gantry CMM that, thanks to its high-rigidity silicon carbide ram and sophisticated multisensor temperature compensation, guarantees high accuracy and ease of use under all operating conditions.

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