On-demand and contextually connected digital learning content transform how an organization trains its front-line workers to improve time to competency.

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Designed for front-line workers, AcceleratorLXP is a powerful Learner Experience Platform that connects training to the task-based content that is used every day, like procedures and checklists. The solution streamlines learning in the flow of work for the modern learner by contextually connecting operation content to learning opportunities.

The AcceleratorKMS platform links to the new AcceleratorLXP to enable power learning capabilities to augment the base application. AcceleratorLXP allows organizations to manage learning and training with increased accuracy and improved safety. Personalized learning is key to a successful and cost-effective modern operation. Transforming operational content for learning is the best way to increase human performance.



AcceleratorLXP will:
  • Provide adaptive and personalized learning
  • Provide smart digital training plans
  • Manage tacit knowledge
  • Enable flow-of-work learning
  • Provide an in-depth competency & skills model
  • Provide easy assignment, scheduling and notification of learning tasks
  • Smart digital quizzes, knowledge assessments, and field assessments
  • It provides all of this through an integrated content eco-system that is easy to use, simple and intuitive for learners, trainers, managers and other learning roles.

AcceleratorLXP will also integrate with popular digital twin systems used by industries today in addition to your organizations Learning Management System (LMS) and Business Analytics systems.

Upskill your field workers and make your operation more cost effective today by implementing AcceleratorLXP as your primary digital training solution. It’s the only system specifically built for the process industries and to work in-tandem with AcceleratorKMS.

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