Key stakeholders of the transportation industry

Aerial view of metro trains passing each other on a curve near Xinshi 1st Road Station next to residential towers in a community in Tamsui District, New Taipei

Hexagon improves transportation planning, operations and safety

Transportation authorities oversee safe and efficient travel. Whether regulating airspace, monitoring travel and shipping at sea, ensuring roadway safety or managing public transit, transportation organisations rely on Hexagon’s ability to deliver the information necessary to meet safety and performance goals.

Our solutions help aviation, maritime, railway and roadway authorities – from local to global – optimise safety, enhance planning and streamline operations.

Transportation network planners and engineers are responsible for planning and designing railway and roadway corridors and infrastructure, transit systems and more. From building out network capacity on time and on budget to working toward zero traffic fatalities, these stakeholders face increasing demands for safe, reliable and effective networks.

Hexagon offers sensors, software and content that aid planners and engineers in more easily planning and designing transportation networks, maintaining infrastructure and improving safety.

Transportation network operations professionals are responsible for a wide range of daily tasks including traffic incident detection, incident management, traffic control and transportation network analysis. Rapid real-time data integration, assessment and analysis is increasingly fundamental in helping these professionals to preserve capacity, while also improving the security, safety and reliability of transportation systems.

Hexagon offers sensors, software and integrated solutions for managing transportation operations in real-time, from tracking thousands of moving tracks to more efficiently permitting and routing vehicles to ensuring prompt incident detection and response and more.

From supervising the movement of vessels and optimising the flow of cargo to controlling airspace and overseeing all daily airport operations, port and airport teams manage complex facilities and operations. They rely on integrated data, information and capabilities to keep schedules, enhance infrastructure and ensure the safety of passengers and employees.

Hexagon’s solutions help airport and port operators obtain better situational awareness and insights about assets, infrastructure and incidents. This helps them not only improve their long-term planning and daily operations, but also better respond to unplanned threats and challenges.

OEMs and systems integrators and developers provide mission-critical applications to transportation authorities and operators. The integration of real-time, location-based data and maps strengthens these offerings and provides added value to end-users.

Hexagon’s geospatial platforms help companies create high-performance visualisation and analysis applications and solutions for enhancing transportation systems. End users benefit from advanced situational awareness and location intelligence about their networks, including the ability to track a large number of moving assets, analyse locations in 3D and more.

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