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Ship designers and engineers are tasked with extremely complex projects. Designing for safety, regulatory compliance and sustainability presents challenges, especially when processes are inefficient, manual and disconnected.

For decades, Hexagon has been a leader in engineering innovation. Our solutions for the full lifecycle – from P&ID and 3D models and visualization through mission critical stress analysis – enable our customers to deliver on time, on budget in the way that your customers and stakeholders expect: efficiently, correctly, and digitally.

Fabrication is an important and often underappreciated step in the shipbuilding process. From steelwork to hull assembly, fabricators quite literally do much of the heavy lifting, and they can benefit greatly from a digital approach to fabrication.

Using Hexagon’s computer-assisted design, information management and materials management software to improve the fabrication workflow, new process and efficiencies are realized, bridging the gap between contractors and fabricators. Bringing everyone into a collaborative, up-to-date environment allows fabricators to quote more accurately, improve schedules, make better use of materials and reduce time spent on manual data transfer.

Construction managers and their crews turn the theoretical into the real, an incredibly difficult responsibility in shipbuilding. You’re given a schedule attached to high expectations and limited patience. Until the asset is commissioned and turned over to the owners, the pressure is on. There are big milestones to cross directly impacting payments and cashflows — and paramount to all — safety.

Construction software solutions from Hexagon are designed to increase productivity, quickly identify potential issues and help manage their mitigation. Your company’s reputation depends on the work of your teams, which is why so many rely on Hexagon's technology to ensure superior project execution.

For project managers, everything needs to be done right. From the strategic selection of opportunities, the allocation of resources and of course the successful, on-time, on-budget delivery of the project, it’s all on your shoulders. While there’s never been more data available, it’s often siloed and difficult to use.

Hexagon is unmatched in its ability to help with your projects. Our solutions help ensure strategic alignment between projects and goals, add predictability to your forecasts and outcomes and optimize your use of financial, human, material and equipment resources. See the Hexagon difference in maximizing margins as you digitally transform your shipbuilding operation.

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