How Hexagon creates value for the public safety industry

Police officer in the street

Improve performance and protect residents with better insights

Public safety departments need to respond quickly to incidents, investigate and resolve cases and deploy resources effectively. Hexagon delivers the data, insights and capabilities that support better situational awareness, decision-making and results.

Safer communities

Police, fire, ambulance and emergency communications teams can struggle to achieve performance targets and optimal response times due to disconnected information and workflows. And the problem can increase when multiple agencies are involved.

Hexagon’s end-to-end digital capabilities support public safety agencies from call-taking through response, investigation, resolution, analysis and reporting. Our solutions provide seamless coordination and communication between teams, ensuring accurate information, rapid response and the ability to better manage incidents, records, investigations and more.

Connected city

Better awareness, insights and results

Empowering teams with the tools to improve their speed, efficiency and effectiveness is Hexagon’s priority for the public safety community. As the global leader in public safety solutions, we provide an advanced digital twin for the lifecycle of incidents that ensures accurate, current information and capabilities when and where they are needed most, including:

  • Real-time data from the communications center to the station to the unit to respond quickly to incidents
  • Accurate records of people, places and incidents to aid response, investigations and more
  • Shared awareness and information for collaboration across teams, organisations and jurisdictions
  • Mobile capabilities so responders have situational awareness on the go
  • Digital evidence collection and documentation of crimes, crashes, fires and more
  • Data analysis and reporting capabilities to meet regulatory requirements and improve resource management and performance



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