Key stakeholders of the oil and gas industry

Engineer working with tablet in control room of oil and gas platform

Enabling data-driven innovation across the oil and gas industry

Engineers in the oil and gas industry are tasked with extremely complex projects. Designing for safety, regulatory compliance and sustainability presents challenges, especially when processes are inefficient, manual and disconnected.

For decades, Hexagon has been a leader in engineering innovation. Our solutions for the full lifecycle – from 2D and 3D design and visualisation through mission- critical stress analysis – enable our customers to deliver on time, on budget in the way that their customers and stakeholders expect – efficiently and correctly.

Everything needs to be done right: from the strategic selection of projects to successful, on-time, on-budget delivery – and it’s all on your shoulders. While there’s more data available than ever before, it’s often siloed and not at all helpful in achieving your goals.

Hexagon is unmatched in its ability to help ensure strategic alignment between projects and goals, add predictability to your forecasts and outcomes and optimise your use of financial, human, material and equipment resources. See the Hexagon difference in maximising returns and margins for your project-driven organisation.

Hexagon's solutions empower operations managers by providing a valuable, data-driven experience that encapsulates easily consumable, timely information regarding past events (what’s happened), present facts (what’s happening) and future predictions (what could, what should or what’s scheduled to happen).

We seamlessly connect safety-critical operational processes, procedures and permits, alarm management methodology, maintenance work orders, real-time and historical process data, engineering schematics and technical documentation with 3D models, laser scans and cybersecurity safeguards to enable a robust and comprehensive digital twin for your entire operation.

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