How Hexagon creates value for the marine positioning industry

No matter what operation brings you to the water, the marine environment poses unique challenges. Marine positioning enhances the safety and accuracy of your work to enable continuous operations and less downtime.

A yellow coast guard vessel is shown offshore in a choppy, stormy sea.

Enable autonomy and positioning — assured

Hexagon uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies to provide an absolute position on the water. When combined with inertial navigation systems (INS) and enhanced with correction services, these solutions deliver unbeatable reliability, robustness, accuracy and safety for continuous operations.

Enhanced performance

Continuous operations

  • Built-in redundancy of our marine positioning solutions ensures less downtime downtime for more efficient operations and cost savings

Assured positioning, navigation and timing

  • Interference, jamming and spoofing are on the rise both on land and at sea. Hexagon's assured positioning, navigation and timing solutions protect your people, vessels and cargo from ongoing cyber electromagnetic activity

Sustainability and profitability

  • Ramp up efficiency and productivity across your operations to achieve sustainable, quality outcomes at lower cost and higher profit margins

An aerial view of a dredging vessel navigating to the right of the image.

Reliable and robust positioning is here

Whether dynamic positioning (DP) operators, surveyors or dredgers, your operations need precise positioning from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), inertial navigation systems (INS) and location intelligence.

Hexagon provides GNSS & INS marine positioning solutions, correction services and 3D data visualisation to navigate challenging waters.

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