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Digital elevation model created from aerial data

Accurate geospatial information for organisations who rely on it

To efficiently deliver public services, federal, state and local governments need current and accurate geospatial information for planning, analysis, simulation, monitoring and citizen engagement. Cadastre and land management, city planning, environmental protection, transportation, public safety, and defence require location intelligence for informed decision-making.

Hexagon offers a broad range of mapping and geospatial solutions to government agencies for the capture, creation and management of maps and digital twins, including aerial and terrestrial reality capture sensors, on-demand aerial data and software platforms for the processing, storage, analysis and visualisation of diverse data. 

Large infrastructure providers, such as telecommunication networks, utilities and transportation systems, rely heavily on geospatial data to manage critical assets.

With on-demand geospatial information and GIS software, Hexagon offers comprehensive solutions to address mapping needs. From visualising dynamic data to delivering interactive maps to stakeholders, we provide location intelligence and analytics to efficiently manage and monitor the health of infrastructure above and below ground. 

Mapping service providers rely on innovative and highly productive equipment and processing software to efficiently serve their customers while keeping their project costs at bay.

With over 100 years of experience in mapping and aerial surveying, Hexagon leads the industry with unique and innovative solutions and has developed many advanced remote sensing and software solutions. With an extensive global customer support network, we are a trusted partner for service providers worldwide. Our goal is to equip you with the most productive mapping tools to grow your business.

Driven by large tech companies, big IT and consumer electronics, the mapping industry has seen enormous growth in recent years. Location intelligence and geospatial data have become part of everyday life, driving the industry to new heights with significant investments in cloud solutions, AI and machine learning.

Hexagon is a trusted partner for any technology company requiring highly accurate and on-demand geospatial data, software solutions and platform services. We support the capture, processing, storage, management and analysis of data and provide infrastructure for map and analytics creation and cloud hosting. 

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