Key stakeholders of the heavy machinery and equipment industry

Manufacturing operators in plant near CNC machines

Hexagon helps designers, manufacturers and operators work smarter

With critical industries like agriculture, construction, mining, material processing and manufacturing reliant on their products, heavy machinery OEMs are developing ever more sophisticated systems.

On top of the traditional challenges of designing and manufacturing products to operate safely and effectively in harsh environments, OEMs are integrating robust powertrains and advanced electronic systems into designs. New standards from customers and regulators in areas such as noise, vibration and fuel efficiency also add complexity.

Hexagon’s smart manufacturing solutions are digitalising workflows so OEMs can shorten design cycles and optimise products to remain competitive.

As demand for more sophisticated and efficient equipment grows across agriculture, construction, mining, material processing and manufacturing, the heavy machinery and equipment supply chain is under pressure to deliver increasingly complex parts and systems in shorter timeframes.

Suppliers in the heavy equipment industry must ensure robust manufacturing and inspection processes that deliver the required quality the first time with minimum waste.

By digitalising workflows, Hexagon’s smart manufacturing solutions enable suppliers to virtually validate processes, accurately estimate costs, maintain design intent through the process and efficiently inspect to ensure quality

Whether working in agriculture, construction, mining, material processing or manufacturing, heavy equipment operators must carefully balance productivity with operator safety and regulatory compliance.

Hexagon’s smart manufacturing solutions allow these considerations to be engineered into heavy machinery design and production processes. Dedicated solutions for operators in agriculture, mining and construction help build safety into daily operations while maximising productivity. Hexagon is also enabling greater autonomy in heavy equipment operation through factory-fitted machine control solutions — ultimately bringing a new level of operational security to these critical industries.

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