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Hexagon puts project data to work to transform heavy construction

Everything needs to be done right. From the strategic selection of opportunities, the allocation of resources and of course the successful, on-time, on-budget delivery of the project. And it’s all on your shoulders. While there’s never been more data available, so often it’s siloed and not at all helpful in achieving your goals.

Hexagon is unmatched in our ability to help with projects and portfolios. Leveraging our solutions, you can ensure strategic alignment between projects and goals, add predictability to your forecasts and outcomes and optimise your use of financial, human, material and equipment resources. See the Hexagon difference in maximising returns and margins for your profit-driven organisation.

Quite simply, engineers for heavy construction are tasked with extremely complex projects. Designing for safety, regulatory compliance and sustainability presents challenges, especially when processes are inefficient, manual and disconnected.

For decades, Hexagon has been a leader in engineering innovation. Our solutions for the full project lifecycle – from 2D and 3D design and visualisation through mission-critical stress analysis – enable our customers to deliver on time, on budget as your customers and stakeholders expect: efficiently, correctly, accurately and digitally.

Geared with the right equipment, software and services, land surveyors determine much more than property boundaries. They provide measurements, positions and the data needed for a variety of critical tasks. They also assess, verify and produce the most accurate data, giving contractors the information they need to win bids, generate accurate models for machine control solutions and monitor asset integrity.

With over 200 years of history in surveying, Hexagon leads the industry with accurate instruments, sophisticated software and trusted services, to allow surveyors to prepare sites for construction more quickly and meet clients’ needs with fewer resources and higher-quality deliverables.

Construction managers and their crews turn the theoretical into the real – an incredibly difficult responsibility in heavy construction. You’re given a schedule with high expectations, limited patience and significant pressure until the asset is commissioned and turned over to the owners. There are big milestones to cross that directly impact payments, cash flows and paramount to all, safety.

Hexagon’s construction software solutions are designed to increase productivity, quickly identify potential issues and help manage their mitigation. Your company’s reputation lies with you, which is why so many heavy construction firms rely on Hexagon’s technology to ensure superior project execution.

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