How Hexagon creates value for the general manufacturing industry

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Helping general manufacturers digitalise to improve productivity

Whether you offer small batch manufacturing of bespoke components, provide specialised tooling solutions or carry out processing of crucial materials, companies in the general manufacturing space can rely on Hexagon to help deliver productivity in the global supply chain.

Delivering value in the supply chain

General manufacturing underpins critical industries and infrastructure by delivering the parts, tooling and materials required through the global supply network.

As your customer industries embrace digitalisation, general manufacturers must keep pace to remain agile and qualified to satisfy customer demands. To supply into highly regulated industries like the medical sector, the need for traceability is driving digitalisation. In other industries, OEMs are increasingly setting technology standards that suppliers must follow.

Disruptive technology shifts within the industries they serve also impact the requirements that general manufacturing firms must satisfy. However, with general manufacturing dominated by small- to medium-sized businesses, technology investments must deliver a fast return on investment to be viable.

Therefore, the general manufacturing industry must focus on solutions that make better use of existing data and add value to every contract.

Supply Chain Management Concept

The power of data in general manufacturing

Hexagon’s focus is to enable the general manufacturing industry to leverage data effectively and adapt quickly to the next challenge. Our digitalisation solutions scale to offer value for the largest multinational suppliers and the smallest independent job shops and toolmakers.

  • Manufacturing process simulation ensures manufacturability and predicts issues before production begins to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Specialist CAD CAM solutions for key manufacturing processes such as mould and die design, production machining and sheet metal stamping ensure accurate delivery.
  • Manufacturing process management solutions enable end-to-end digital management of general manufacturing processes from quote to shipment.
  • Process capability validation and quality inspection verification ensure that products are shipped to specification.



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