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Hexagon enables general manufacturing stakeholders to leverage data

Machine shops or job shops providing machining services to OEMs and other suppliers are critical elements of the global supply network. As contract manufacturers making components for a wider range of industries, these fabricators must build agile processes that can adapt to the next job easily and deliver on quality while offering competitive pricing – all while global technology shifts, such as automotive electrification, threaten to disrupt established supply models.

Hexagon’s smart manufacturing solutions enable component manufacturers to remain competitive by digitally managing workflows end-to-end from quotation through process validation and production through inspection and final delivery.

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Casting, forming and pressing are highly efficient manufacturing methods. However, the production of the required tooling can be as complex as the end product itself. For the final part to meet specifications, the tooling must also be produced to the correct tolerances. The challenge for toolmakers is to ensure that every mould, die and tool, as well as their jigs, fixtures and gauges, are fit for purpose and consistently deliver quality output.

Hexagon’s solutions allow toolmakers to digitally manage a model-based tool manufacturing process from design and virtual testing to production and physical verification. Metrology technology also supports reverse engineering of tooling from parts.

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Manufacturers convert raw materials and natural resources into valuable goods for many different uses throughout the manufacturing supply chain. As many of these natural resources are finite, material process companies must maximise capacity, throughput and raw material utilisation for efficient operations and reduced operating costs.

Hexagon’s digital transformation solutions enable material processing businesses to design and optimise processes to efficiently deliver the materials that global industry needs, minimising the environmental footprint and providing materials intelligence for use throughout the value chain.

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