How Hexagon creates value for forestry industry

Harvester working in a forest

Unleash data to protect, manage, cultivate and harvest forests

The conditions of our precious forest resources are constantly changing — and fires, floods and over-harvesting can affect supply. To promote safe, efficient and sustainable forest management, Hexagon provides data to forestry professionals for situational analysis and improved decision-making.

Addressing global forestry challenges

Forests are one of the most essential natural resources — and taking care of them benefits both humans and the environment. The industry faces a broad range of challenges, including:

  • Protecting wildlife habitat and biodiversity
  • Managing water quality and watershed
  • Monitoring illegal deforestation
  • Controlling erosion
  • Preserving carbon dioxide absorption

Forestry professionals must develop, maintain and implement modern and data-driven solutions that help forests thrive while providing a sustainable supply as the global demand for wood products rises.

Aerial photo of flooded floodplain and forest

Increase production & protect the environment

Hexagon is committed to helping the industry streamline operations, reduce waste, maintain profitability and minimise machine downtime while adhering to the current best practices of sustainability and environmental protection.

We believe that economic productivity and environmental protection go hand-in-hand. Our end-to-end positioning, mapping and data solutions enable forestry professionals to efficiently manage healthy forests, from cultivating sustainable growth to maximising yield.

hexagon agriculture solution mounted in a forestry vehicle
Digital solutions for data-driven decisions

Hexagon provides a variety of digital solutions for the forestry industry including machine control equipment and fleet management software, web-based geospatial dashboards for forest and wildlife management, reality capture sensors and aerial data resources.

These technologies can support forestry stakeholders in fundamentally transforming their operations and turn their data into digital information hubs.

Forester using digital tools for forest management

On a mission to digitise forestry management

Empowering customers to leverage data is Hexagon’s mission for the digital transformation of the forestry industry. From foresters to scientists, forestry departments to investment funds, and equipment manufacturers to pulp and paper companies, our sensors, equipment, software and data are revolutionising the industry:

  • Web-based geospatial dashboards for forestry management deliver complete data analysis
  • Forestry software enables automated precision measurement, terrain editing and feature extraction
  • Sensors let users track real-time forestry machine movement and utilisation
  • Information management systems facilitate forestry operations, field machinery and fleet management
  • Middleware allows users to configure and deploy connection interfaces from different data sources
  • Reality capture sensors map the forest environment from the land or from the air
  • On-demand cloud access to RGB and CIR aerial data of entire countries enables efficient forestry and vegetation management

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