Key stakeholders of the forestry industry

Forestry technician using a digital solution

Positioning, mapping and data management for forestry stakeholders

Geared with the right equipment, software and data, foresters, conservationists and scientists can do much more than survey the land and propagate forests. They can monitor forest health, manage vegetation, support companies to comply with environmental regulations, fight and prevent forest fires or drive biodiversity and conservation.

Hexagon provides sensors, software and platforms to enable the capture, creation and management of data-enabling analysis and visualisation for professionals in multiple disciplines.

Forestry departments play a vital role in managing natural resources on forest lands. They research all aspects of forestry and resource utilisation, provide community assistance and cooperate with local governments, forest industries and private landowners to help protect forests and improve conditions in rural areas, including law enforcement and fire fighting.

With such a broad spectrum of tasks, Hexagon can help government stakeholders make more data-driven decisions by providing web-based geospatial applications, sensor solutions and on-demand aerial data.

Hexagon develops solutions for the entire forestry process using the most advanced information technologies for planning, automation, monitoring and management operations for timber, pulp and paper manufacturers. We're the only supplier in the market that has a complete solution covering everything from optimised long-term planning to the machine control of operations in the field in a synchronised way to reduce time lost in forest activities.

Hexagon partners with timber, pulp and paper manufacturers to convert data into intelligent information that enables smart planning, efficient execution, precise machine controls and automated workflows to optimise operations and increase profits.

Hexagon partners with forestry equipment manufacturers to develop embedded solutions that transform equipment into true technological tools for forestry efficiency. By continuously investing in research and development, we can guarantee that our products use the latest technology and meet the most pressing market demands.

We also offer customised solutions that allow integration with existing technologies and components to fit into our customers' existing technical set-ups.

Dedicated to pulp industries, forest investment funds provide a more sustainable production chain through the reduction of carbon footprints and the development of sustainable forests.

Hexagon can help your fund by providing solutions that shape production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous — ensuring a scalable, sustainable future.

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