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Hexagon enables and accelerates research and development worldwide.

Hexagon is the global leader in autonomous R&D solutions. We’ve worked with universities around the world to build automated research and development platforms for a wide variety of studies, from connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) to specialised autonomy software tuned for quick iterations to speed development. We understand the needs of higher education institutions working with grant funding, delivering technology and expertise to enable autonomy for the next generation of mobility.

Hexagon provides specialised geomatics, safety-critical, and system engineering expertise with on-site and resident technical support for OEM and Tier 1 companies. We can help solve systematic positioning and safety challenges for any level of autonomy to accelerate time to market. Our team works with many OEM and Tier 1 companies to provide long-term support, design and integration services and even assistance with equipment and hardware selection. Our engineering services give OEM and Tier 1 companies the resources and upper-hand they need to develop leading-edge autonomous technology. 

Open trunk of a Lexus car displaying various hardware to enable autonomous operation.

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