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Hexagon's solutions are used across the energy and power industry to help reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance. This allows power companies to maintain a robust digital thread throughout the asset lifecycle.


Achieve operational excellence with a smart digital reality

Leverage the Digital Backbone to operate, maintain, and secure mission-critical operations, processes, and maintenance tasks including shift handover, alarm management, control of work, process safety, and others with the correct data at the time and place needed.  Increase safety, quality, productivity, and efficiency. 

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The first step on the road to digital transformation is creating an operations management data ecosystem by digitalising your processes, procedures, permits, and other critical workflows and data sets. Critical asset, situational, qualitative and quantitative information should be captured, structured and stored digitally and more importantly, organised and made available to support safety-critical operational processes.  

Hexagon power industry solutions address the barriers to digital transformation with its Smart Digital Reality for Industrial Facilities. Elevating the digital twin and digital backbone by infusing it with intelligence to automate processes and analytics, increasingly removing human intervention on the journey to a fully autonomous future. The Smart Digital Reality generates new insights about the asset in support of faster, more accurate decisions that lead to improvements in safety, quality, efficiency, and productivity, all of which contribute to increased operational excellence, safety, and productivity. 



With significant changes influencing the industry, from deregulation and increasingly strict requirements around emissions to growing consumer preference for renewable energy sources and a continuing rise in cyberattacks, power plants need to adapt and advance to remain viable and profitable. Energy and power companies must bridge the islands of crucial information and records in numerous formats on separate systems and digitally connect them with operational processes, procedures, permits and data to help reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance. 

The energy and power industry can realize positive and transformative change in operational excellence, maintenance efficiency, health, safety, and environment (HSE), alarm management, cybersecurity, and other areas through effective digitalisation. 



On the journey to digital maturity, keeping your energy and power assets running safely, smoothly and protected from cyber threats is vital to prevent unnecessary interruption to your enterprise and the wider community. There are no shortages of reports or news outlets raising the alarm on cybersecurity awareness. In fact, the ARC Advisory Group (2019) reported that “many industrial operations remain at risk of costly, disruptive cyber incidents.” Its analysts recommended that “all industrial companies consider software like Cyber Integrity™ as a foundational element of a defence-in-depth cybersecurity strategy.”

This solution also provides numerous significant customer benefits such as: enabling workflows and documentation for vulnerability remediations and compliance with ISA/IEC 62443, ISO 27001/2, NERC-CIP, NIST and the NIS Directive, as well as other regulations, accelerating recovery with backups of critical control system data and supporting in-depth forensic analysis.

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Digital thread

The digital backbone supports operational excellence — a journey wherein processes and workflows are regularly analyzed and improved upon to reach the best possible outcomes.  Digitalisation transformation results in complete access to data and efficient pathways to transform it into actionable information and analysis. It enables operational excellence by connecting all types of operational data, thereby creating a digital thread for the organization and establishing a single source of truth for all activities related to review, analysis and strategy development. This increased visibility and ability to leverage data allows operators to make decisions that generate powerful benefits. Safety improves as more situational data is collected and analyzed, providing an additional layer for mitigating risk. Productivity rises as information is quickly and easily accessible for all personnel who need it. Ultimately, operational excellence increases as informed decision-making reduces downtime and optimizes  efficiency, safety, reliability, and security. 


Power up your digital transformation journey

As governments drive energy companies to reduce carbon emissions across their operations to meet net zero targets, power organisations are looking to fast-track their digital transformation journey to manage new project ventures and remain competitive. Investing in a comprehensive digital transformation strategy will accelerate your continuous improvement efforts in this ever-changing economic landscape. It will also promote the long-term resilience of your company’s safety performance, workforce and asset productivity and provide your business with the competitive edge it needs to perform at its best.

As your trusted digital transformation partner, Hexagon can help you create intelligent information from both unstructured, duplicated and disconnected data and documentation, as well as structured digital data sources and databases, and consolidate them to help reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance.

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