Key stakeholders of the education and research industry

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Hexagon empowers educators, researchers and students to innovate

With various academic routes for today’s students to choose, attracting talent in the education sector is challenging. Universities and colleges are increasingly competing on student experience and education opportunities to attract the brightest students.

The ability to offer access to leading technology in the field can be a key differentiator for educators and academics. Hexagon provides universities with access to the latest digital reality technologies across several fields, enabling educators and academics to maintain and develop their own skills as well as impart knowledge to their students.

Research is at the forefront of innovation. From universities to national laboratories and scientific associations, government agencies to private corporations, research institutes continue to break new ground in technology and applied solutions across any number of industries.

Hexagon works with research institutions worldwide, providing cutting-edge hardware, software and technology expertise that is helping researchers solve some of humanity’s greatest and most urgent challenges. Our research partnerships span fields as diverse as autonomous vehicles, future aviation, renewable energy and infrastructure solutions.

Students are the future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of business and society. Ensuring that students have access to the best possible education and that they are equipped to succeed in whatever field they choose is essential to everyone.

As an employer and recruiter in the technology space, Hexagon recognises how crucial developing the right talent for the future workforce is. We enable students to access Hexagon technology via university partnerships, exclusive student software editions and industrial placements. Our employees are also encouraged to share their knowledge with the next generation through STEM outreach programmes.

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