How Hexagon creates value for the defence industry

Military silhouettes of soldiers against the backdrop of sunset sky

Improve speed and availability of mission-critical data and insights

The amount of data available to military forces has never been greater. Hexagon helps defence organisations make sense of this data, delivering situational awareness and insights for effective decision-making.

Securing mission success

The increasing number of data sources available to analysts and decision-makers should make supporting missions easier than ever. However, finding insights hidden in the vast amounts of data is a challenge for defence organisations.

Our technologies innovate data collection, analysis, management, delivery and security, providing the information and insights needed to support national security and mission success. We assist militaries and system developers with mapping, geospatial intelligence, assured positioning, situational awareness and more to support C4ISR across air, land, sea and joint operations.

Soldier is Using Laptop Computer and Radio for Communication During Military Operation in the Desert

Actionable information

Empowering militaries with enhanced abilities for understanding, exploiting and acting on data is Hexagon’s objective for the defence industry. We provide an advanced digital twin for military planning and operations that ensures accurate, current information and capabilities when and where they are needed most, including:

  • Aerial and mobile mapping
  • Geospatial content and data management
  • Machine learning and AI-based imagery analysis and exploitation
  • Static and dynamic map production and delivery
  • Real-time, high-performing common operating pictures for situational awareness, mission planning, battlefield management and more
  • Accurate and reliable assured positioning, navigation and timing (APNT)
  • Integrated incident management and security for personnel and base protection

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