Key stakeholders of the consumer products industry

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Hexagon helps consumer goods industry stakeholders meet customer needs

Household products to food and beverage, personal care to sports and luxury goods, furniture and cabinetry. Whatever the area of the consumer goods market, product developers face huge pressure to create desirable products in short timeframes.

While fields such as food and beverage and personal care products face greater regulation than others, all areas of the consumer products industry feel the new pressures of the digital consumer and must innovate quickly and with agility to compete.

Hexagon offers solutions to support product innovation, including simulation tools to test and optimise designs and manufacturing processes, helping product developers stay ahead in their markets.

With most consumer products manufactured in large volumes, any error in the production process is costly. In parallel, environmentally aware consumers want to buy from brands that are perceived as operating sustainably.

Manufacturers from household products to food and beverage, personal care to sports and luxury goods to furniture and cabinetry, must validate production processes to minimise resource use, reduce waste and control costs. Consumer goods manufacturers must also be able to adapt processes quickly to bring new products to market faster.

Hexagon’s production solutions help consumer goods manufacturers assess process capability and ensure quality to deliver on consumer expectations.

As the product end user, consumers are the driving force behind the consumer goods industry. Their choices shape success or failure for every consumer goods business. Insight from consumer preferences and behaviours are increasingly shaping the next iterations of products.

Consumers are also impacting the market by leveraging digital tools to research and purchase products they want at the lowest possible price. Environmentally-conscious consumers will also research sourcing and sustainability before purchase.

Hexagon’s solutions help manufacturers deliver products that surpass consumer expectations and move towards the sustainable models that modern consumers demand.

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