How Hexagon creates value for chemicals industry

Solutions for basic, consumer and specialty chemical manufacturers

Solutions for basic, consumer and specialty chemical manufacturers

Hexagon's solutions are used across the chemicals industry to help reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance. This allows chemical manufacturers to maintain a robust digital thread throughout the asset lifecycle.

Achieve operational excellence

Enable a digital thread by connecting your safety-critical operational processes, procedures and permits, alarm management methodology, maintenance work orders, real-time and historical process data, engineering schematics and documentation with laser scans, 3D models and cybersecurity safeguards.

Chemical plant operations manager analysing digital thread information.


Creating a solid operations management data ecosystem by digitalising your operational processes, procedures and permits is a strong first step on the road to digital transformation. Critical asset, situational, qualitative and quantitative information should be captured, structured and stored digitally and more importantly, organised and available to support safety-critical operational processes.

Hexagon's chemical industry solutions can take your important shift, operator round, personnel, safety, maintenance and process information and make it visible and viable to users across the entire organisation. These on-premise or SaaS solutions are designed to foster greater communication, coordination, transparency and knowledge transfer between teams, leading to improved safety and productivity, reduced operational risk and a more empowered and engaged workforce.

Hexagon operations management software that digitalises paper, spreadsheets and word processor documents.


Chemical companies must bridge the islands of crucial information and records in numerous formats on separate systems and digitally connect them with operational processes, procedures, permits and data to help reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance. Chemical manufacturers can mitigate operational and safety risks through improved operator situational awareness with a holistic solution that provides actionable information to mitigate abnormal situations and help to ensure safe, reliable and compliant operations.

Companies can further enhance information connection and interoperability by aggregating operational data and enabling a digital thread framework with a centralised asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) solution. This is strategically designed to capture, organise and link large volumes of information and unites operations, maintenance, safety, engineering and real-time data.

Operations management dashboard combining operations, maintenance, safety, engineering, reliability and real-time data.


On the journey to digital maturity, keeping your chemical assets running safely, smoothly and protected from cyber threats is vital to prevent unnecessary interruption to your enterprise and the wider community.

There are no shortages of reports or news outlets raising the alarm on cyber security awareness. In fact, the ARC Advisory Group (2019) reported that “many industrial operations remain at risk of costly, disruptive cyber incidents”. Its analysts recommended that “all industrial companies consider software like Cyber Integrity™ as a foundational element of a defence-in-depth cybersecurity strategy”.

This solution provides numerous significant customer benefits such as enabling workflows and documentation for vulnerability remediation and compliance with ISA/IEC 62443, ISO 27001/2, NIST and the NIS Directive, as well as other regulations, accelerating recovery with backups of critical control system data and supporting in-depth forensic analysis.

A graphic of a computer screen showing data and analytics

Digital thread

The digital thread provides a means to navigate between various digital twins used throughout the asset lifecycle to help chemical firms understand the “intent” behind their design, strategy and/or process.

The digital thread positively impacts enterprise-wide safety culture, engineering and operations collaboration and efficiency and ultimately the balance sheet’s bottom line. The digital thread also enables owners and operators to build and maintain an information management data ecosystem throughout the asset lifecycle, allowing for a continuous journey of operational excellence. By deploying a comprehensive digital thread, complex data can be analysed and transformed into actionable information.

The significance of this ultimate digital platform is that it opens the door to the competitive advantages made possible by using predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automated decision-making across the chemicals value chain.

Hexagon solutions enable a digital thread that connects concept and FEED, detail design, construction, operations, maintenance and reliability information throughout the asset lifecycle.

Digital solutions for chemical manufacturers

Chemical manufacturers are looking to fast-track their digital transformation journey to manage new project ventures and remain competitive. Investing in a comprehensive digital transformation strategy will accelerate your continuous improvement efforts in this ever-changing economic landscape. It will also promote the long-term resilience of your company’s safety performance, workforce and asset productivity and provides your business with the competitive edge it needs to perform at its best.

As your trusted digital transformation partner, Hexagon can help you create intelligent information from both unstructured, duplicated and disconnected data and documentation, as well as structured digital data sources and databases, and consolidate them to help reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance.

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