Roger & Sons Concrete

When the design plans for 432 Park Avenue in New York City were released, most concrete contractors hesitated to work on the project due to the height of the building – 1,400 feet. Not so for Roger and Sons, a family-owned concrete construction company that has been building in the Greater New York area for more than 30 years. Roger and Sons immediately reached out to Leica Geosystems for help with the vertical alignment, a key component of modern-day successful high-rise construction. The Leica Geosystems solution relies on powerful GPS coordinate processing once construction exceeds what conventional total station technology can handle. Roger and Sons brought such a level of excellence to the project, the company was singled out by Tishamn Construction Corporation of New York for bringing in the building under budget, ahead of schedule and dead vertical. Leica Geosystems and Roger and Sons are helping revolutionise the high-rise measurement industry through innovative use of total station and GPS technology.