ARCH Motorcycle partners with Hexagon to craft bespoke high-performance cruisers with production motorcycle quality

15 March 2024

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and ARCH Motorcycle, a manufacturer of high-performance bespoke motorcycles, have partnered to support the quality control demands of engineering and producing unique riding experiences for ARCH customers. 
By combining artistry and engineering with precision technologies, ARCH maximizes the performance potential of its motorcycles while keeping innovation at the forefront of design. The partnership is geared to help ARCH expand its commitment to producing bespoke motorcycles by fully digitizing quality processes throughout engineering and manufacturing with state-of-the-art measurement technologies. 

3D scanning technologies to be implemented by ARCH Motorcycle include Hexagon's equipment and software for reverse engineering, which will enable ARCH to retain classic design elements for application to products in development. The technology will also help ARCH Motorcycle create tailored ergonomic motorcycle designs that incorporate individual customer specifications for shocks, seats, handlebars, foot controls, and overall fit.

“At ARCH, our goal is to create custom production motorcycles that express each owner’s personal taste and style. Our obsessive attention to detail creates the need for precision machining in the manufacturing process. By integrating Hexagon’s latest metrology technologies throughout our manufacturing and quality control processes we're able to achieve the finish and uncompromising quality in every ARCH motorcycle,” said Gard Hollinger, co-founder and founder of ARCH Motorcycle. “The ability to quickly digitize parts will also streamline our 3D digital workflow for computer-aided design (CAD) and has become an invaluable part of our future product development.” 
The ability to quickly digitize part dimensions and surface finishes for comparison to CAD models and quality standards will enable ARCH to improve both throughput and quality control easily and with confidence in their data. It also allows the company to keep an accurate digital 3D record of each customer’s motorcycle to support future customer service.
Hexagon devices to be used by the ARCH manufacturing team include an easy-to-use portable measurement arm (Absolute Arm) with a state-of-the-art laser line-scanner (the AS1 laser scanner) that enables even inexperienced users to capture measurements directly into associated software. The 3D laser scanner provides a guided workflow that helps users visualize 3D models and guides them through successful coverage of critical features and surface measurements. Paired with tightly integrated measurement software, the laser scanner also makes it easy to scan large components and reverse engineer parts.

 “Quality control represents different challenges for every manufacturer, but it can be especially challenging for those who produce highly customized products,” said Brian Winters, product manager for Absolute Arms at Hexagon. “We’re excited to partner with ARCH Motorcycle to provide flexible tools that make it easy to digitize measurements as components are made and assembled. This immediate access to accurate 3D measurement data is intended to help produce the one-of-a-kind experiences and production motorcycle quality that customers want.” 

About ARCH Motorcycle

ARCH Motorcycle was founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger in 2011 to challenge the perception of what an American motorcycle could be. Anything that compromises the ride, aesthetics, stance, or function is treated as an opportunity to innovate and improve the design. ARCH owners seek more than just a machine. They are passionate individuals in search of a completely immersive riding experience. Every ARCH motorcycle is built from an obsession for innovative design, engineering excellence and dedication to the rider. For more information, visit 

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