REVEAL by AGTEK improves speed and accuracy of construction site data

14 March 2023

(Livermore, California, USA, 14 March 2023) – AGTEK, part of Hexagon, announced today the introduction of REVEAL, a new solution that significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of point cloud editing for construction applications.

REVEAL allows users to delete unnecessary objects automatically using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for faster and more accurate takeoff and quantity tracking. Designed specifically for the heavy construction industry for use with point clouds collected from drones or laser scanners, REVEAL eliminates the manual removal of elements from point clouds and provides exact data in a fast, uncomplicated process. The result is a significantly quicker time to bare ground and more accurate results.

Artificial intelligence makes your job easier

Using AI, REVEAL recognises the objects it captures on your job site and clusters them into groups, such as construction vehicles, material stockpiles, ground and vegetation. Users can quickly remove each of these groups, providing a clear picture of the job site. This allows the teams in the field and in the office to understand the project volumes, work progress and productivity with confidence.

Adding REVEAL to your software stack means:
  • Increased project efficiency and time savings
  • Improved data accuracy of the job site
  • A simple guided workflow for repeatable output

“As a grading contractor, we want the data to represent the dirt,” says Ken Fritts, Engineering Services Technical Manager at Goodfellow Bros. and AGTEK customer. “We do not get paid to move the vehicles, trees, tall grass and structures. REVEAL has the intelligence and precision needed to automate the sorting and clean-up of millions of points in just minutes.”

Share insights

REVEAL’s analytics and insights are simple, easy to understand and shareable. Your optimised data can be sent directly to AGTEK’s Gradework or other design, planning and 3D software solutions supported by industry-standard file types. Exporting the files to your VDC, architect or engineering team ensures that everyone is working with the most accurate site data on all projects. —

For further information please contact:
Debbie Natsch
Phone: +1 925 784-3083

AGTEK Development Company – Dirt.Simple.Solutions

AGTEK, part of Hexagon, provides Dirt.Simple.Solutions for the construction industry to accurately takeoff and estimate construction quantities, model efficient construction processes and measure progress throughout the construction life cycle. 

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