Hexagon expands TerraStar-X precise positioning GNSS correction service to South Korea

4 October 2023

Partnering with Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, Hexagon’s lane-level accuracy and instant convergence corrections are now available for testing.

(Calgary, Canada, 4 October 2023) – Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) proudly announce their agreement to bring precise positioning to South Korea through the TerraStar-X Enterprise Correction Service. The hardware-agnostic correction service provides instant convergence and lane-level accuracy in automotive, mobile and autonomous applications.

As a leader in real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning across South Korea, MBC’s atmospheric data enhances the redundancy of Hexagon’s fast converging and reliable precise point positioning (PPP) network across the country. Through this collaboration, the TerraStar-X Enterprise service is now supported in testbeds across South Korea, China, Japan, Europe and North America to accelerate development for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), safety-critical applications, micromobility, industrial and smartphone applications.

“With TerraStar-X Enterprise Correction Services now available across autonomous and consumer market applications, developers can design once and then deploy that design at scale worldwide,” said Dr. Paul Verlaine Gakne, positioning services product manager at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “TerraStar-X Enterprise is designed to be as flexible as possible for large-scale testing and deployment.”

“MBC’s expansive RTK network was a world’s first service providing nationwide corrections coverage,” said Seungho Lee, Director of spatial information business at MBC. “We’re thrilled to continue innovating as partners alongside Hexagon.”

Hexagon’s TerraStar-X Enterprise ensures fast convergence to lane-level accuracy across South Korea and is available now for testing. Learn more about TerraStar-X Enterprise corrections by visiting novatel.com/terrastar-x.

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Jessica Fielding, senior manager, global marketing
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Seungho Lee, director of spatial information business
Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
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About MBC

MBC is the No. 1 broadcast network in South Korea in terms of reliability, popularity and influence. MBC has started a data broadcasting service in South Korea since 1999, and has been providing RTK correction signals through mobile communication networks and broadcasting networks since 2017.  

Established in 1961, MBC has been contributing to the development of the media industry, covering 98% of percent of the nation with a network of 16 regional stations and 8 subsidiaries. Today, it's a multimedia group with 1 terrestrial HD/UHD TV channel, 3 radio channels, 5 cable channels, 5 satellite channels, 4 DMB channels and 84 YouTube Channels.

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