Updated PolyWorks interface for Hexagon structured light scanners

26 October 2021

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division today announced the release of a new updated version of their dedicated software plugin for the powerful third-party inspection software platform PolyWorks. Launched in October 2020, the SLS-PW Plug-in allows full operation of Hexagon structured light scanning systems from directly within the PolyWorks environment. This latest version includes a range of new features, including extended exposure functionality, an updated graphical user interface and workflow tools based on PolyWorks macro scripting language.

The SLS-PW breaks new ground on the structured light scanning (SLS) technology market with its deep integration of structured light scanner operability integration within a third-party metrology software platform. Alternative SLS solutions typically require a separate dedicated software platform for operating the scanner, which must then export data into the metrology software. With SLS-PW, this time-consuming process is eliminated, allowing for much-improved measurement process productivity.

“The unavoidable requirement for proprietary standalone measurement software has long been an issue faced by users of structured light scanning technology from both Hexagon and other manufacturers,” says Dirk Rieke-Zapp, Commercial Product Manager Structured Light Scanners at Hexagon. “For users of PolyWorks, this no longer need be an issue thanks to SLS-PW. Uptake of the plug-in since its release last year has been very successful and user feedback extremely positive. With this new release we’re delivering a more refined version, with a focus on making high-quality 3D scanning as easy as possible.”

A key area of improvement to the new version of the plug-in is in compatibility with PolyWorks workflow macros. These will now be more easily usable with Hexagon SLS systems, with the plug-in now including elements to guide users in creating their own macros. While users can already use macro scripts to improve scanning workflow, code examples have been added to the plug-in to kickstart user efforts and make this important tool for improving productivity more accessible.

Data capture on more difficult measurement objects with non-uniform reflection has also been simplified thanks to improved handling of scanner exposure functionality, while scanner and turntable support for multi-part measurement is also now more accessible. Further fine tuning of the graphical user interface and workflows of SLS-PW have made the integration of the scanner with the PolyWorks environment even more seamless, saving clicks and scanning time.

“PolyWorks is one of the most important and widely used metrology software package on the market,” explains Rieke-Zapp. “We’re very committed to allowing the many users of PolyWorks around the world to integrate our scanning technology into their measurement processes on a deeper and more intuitive level than is possible with any other optical 3D scanning system, and this new version of SLS-PW is a big step in that direction.”

Hexagon’s range of structured light scanners remain fully compatible with and supported by the dedicated OptoCat structured light scanning software solution, which until now has been required for operating these systems. The SLS-PW Plugin is aimed at users already invested in the popular PolyWorks environment and who would see significant productivity improvements through being able to switch to a single software solution.

This new release of Hexagon’s SLS-PW Plug-in is available immediately and compatible with StereoScan neo, SmartScan and PrimeScan structured light scanner models from Hexagon. It will be available with all new scanners, and as an update for use with already purchased scanners. Contact a local Hexagon representative for more information.

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