CFIHOS is a standard originated in 2012 under the auspices USPI and in 2020 governance was transferred to the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) – becoming Joint Industry Project (JIP) 36. CFIHOS specifies the information. The specification applies across the value chain and includes information required to meet regulatory authority requirements. As such, we believe that CFIHOS provides a good platform for standardization of information requirements across the industry to reduce the uncertainty and costs of handovers, simplify the license to operate process and provide a basis for supporting interoperability and increased efficiency of work processes during the operations and maintenance phase of the facility life-cycle. Download our CFIHOS handover specification here.

The CFIHOS project has built on the Engineering Information Specification (EIS) developed by Shell, who has used this specification for about eight years to specify the information it requires be handed over from contractors to populate its asset lifecycle management systems. The Shell implementation of SmartPlant Foundation for a number of Shell facilities already includes this corporate Shell EIS specification.

CIFHOS represents a practical implementation of ISO 15926 and will be incorporated as part of the ISO 15926-10X standard. Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division is a CFIHOS member and active participant and is leading an initiative along with other software vendors to define software compliance standards for the specification. Whilst the CFIHOS standard is still under development, Hexagon's Asser Lifecycle Intelligence Division considers that it provides a good pragmatic basis for defining standard information requirements for life-cycle asset management. We are adopting this standard within our new Smart Digital Asset portfolio of products.