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MP Agro improves precision agriculture technology and grows with Hexagon partnership


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MP Agro

MP Agro manufactures machines and implements in stainless steel for self-propelled equipment, tractors and agricultural trucks dedicated especially to top-dressing and fertilising the soil and is a specialist in the segment. With robust equipment, developed to achieve cost reduction with maintenance and ease of operation, MP Agro aims to bring technological solutions to the agricultural market, making them more efficient and productive in the field.

Founded in 2012 in the city of São Carlos (SP – Brazil), the manufacturer has already become a reference in the agricultural market in quality and technology combined with service and technical support. It currently has a factory of over 6,000m² and a branch, both located in the industrial district of Ibaté (SP - Brazil).

MP Agro´s team is highly qualified in all marketing processes and is prepared to operate throughout Brazil, provide support to large customers and serve the small and medium producers with excellence. It is also an industry partner in developing new projects, improving its know-how and contributing to the growth and development of Brazilian and global agriculture.


To improve its product even more, MP Agro was looking for a precision agriculture supplier that had a purpose similar to theirs, which is to deliver reliable equipment to agribusiness. And that was how, with customised solutions and products that met the manufacturer´s needs exactly, the partnership with Hexagon's Agriculture division began in January 2020.

“Hexagon offers equipment to MP Agro that is robust and very well finished, easy to use while super precise in operation at the same time.”

Douglas Peccin - President of MP Agro

Today, Hexagon delivers a complete fertiliser distribution solution to MP Agro, the HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control, which includes fixed and variable rate control, disk rotation control module and section shutdown for rate, which are indispensable in MP Agro´s equipment.

In addition to precision farming solutions available on the HxGN AgrOn platform, the partnership also has a module for remote machine intervention, which allows access to the on-board computer for calibrations and technical assistance, without the need for the support team to be in the field, in front of the equipment. This type of solution provides significant time savings and reduced operating costs, for MP Agro and for the end user.

With all this, MP Agro highlights that, based on the quality of Hexagon's products, it was able to solve several problems that generated demand through its customers, providing highly innovative and cutting-edge fertiliser and precision agriculture resources. In addition, of course, the reduced field trip expenses for the technicians, since in addition to reducing the number of open tickets, many are now resolved from the comfort of MP Agro´s office.

“It is very easy to work with Hexagon, the entire team is extremely attentive, super helpful and organised. And what we like most is that they are transparent and go to great lengths to meet both deadlines as well as developments.”

Douglas Peccin - President of MP Agro


The partnership has been bringing such impressive results to both companies that, although it is recent, it is already possible to see the growth of the coming months. The manufacturer operates in a strategic region of Brazil, has a good market position and delivers high quality equipment that is present in large farms across the country.

With the great satisfaction of MP Agro's customers using Hexagon's solutions, it brings with it the expectation that the manufacturer's sales volume will increase by an average of 40% in 2021. This opens the path for us to offer MP Agro customers more products for Machine Automation, such as HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering and HxGN AgrOn Machine Monitoring, solutions that increase planted area and reduce unproductive time in the field, respectively.


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