What is HxGN Robotic Automation?

The intuitive, flexible and scalable software solution for robotic inspection cells.

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A person sat at a desk wearing a high visibility jacket. In front of them are two computer monitors with Hexagon's HxGN Robotic Automation software. On the left screen a programme is being created for a robotic arm to inspect a car hood. On the right monitor is a car door with inspection points highlighted

HxGN Robotic Automation is an intuitive, flexible and scalable robotic control software designed to simplify programming for automated measurement and inspection applications.

The HxGN Robotic Automation software provides the toolset to efficiently plan, program and control robotic cells based all major robot suppliers, as well as integrating with the wider manufacturing software ecosystem, simplifying the data acquisition process for smarter manufacturing processes. Created specifically to orchestrate the sensors, software and robotic equipment of an inspection cell from a single, intuitive interface, HxGN Robotic Automation makes automated measurement more accessible, more efficient and more reliable.

Designed to remove the complexity from robot-based automation, HxGN Robotic Automation uses simple UX principles, intuitive workflows, and automated program generation that enable inexpert operators to safely and efficiently program inspection applications. The hardware- and software-agnostic toolset integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows and technologies, and improves the flexibility of your automated inspection cell by easily integrating new sensors, software and robotic equipment so your solution scales to different applications as needed. 

To maximise equipment utilisation, HxGN Robotic Automation’s offline programming environment offers accurate path simulation that allows virtual commissioning of the system and rapid deployment of programs to the real cell. Whether your automated inspection cell is off-line, near-line or inline, HxGN Robotic Automation ensures rich data capture without the complexity.
  • Features & benefits

    Machine modelling 

    HxGN Robotic Automation’s advanced modelling tools enable you to accurately model any machine or kinematic device from scratch or drag and drop from the library for fast and precise offline programming in a fraction of the time.

    Cell modelling and layout

    Measurement cell layouts are easily designed and validated with drag and drop from the library, CAD model import to create new items, and visual tools for placement, location and alignment, making virtual commissioning of the cell a reality.

    Automatic robot path generation

    Advanced algorithms in HxGN Robotic Automation enable automatic robot path generation based on inspection plans or part volume and area of interest, so robot programming has never been easier.

    Collision avoidance

    Real-time collision detection and avoidance tools ensure safe robot path generation, while the program validation engine detects and solves potential issues before they occur to avoid costly errors.

    Offline and online robot program execution

    HxGN Robotic Automation’s highly accurate virtual programming environment enables complete program execution in offline mode with realistic data simulation to enable virtual commissioning, while the software’s direct interface with cell hardware allows full control of the real cell for fast online implementation.

    Integration with Hexagon metrology software

    Direct integration between HxGN Robotic Automation and Hexagon metrology software such as PC-DMIS and Inspire provides nominal and actual data exchange, extending the analysis capabilities for measured data.

    Advanced analytics and process control

    For advanced analytics and process control, HxGN Robotic Automation integrates with statistical process control solutions to make best use of the large quantities of data captured.

    Easy integration of new hardware and software

    Built from the ground up specifically for the requirements of automated metrology, HxGN Robotic Automation is designed specifically to make integration with the wider manufacturing environment – sensors, software and robots from any vendor – simple and scalable.
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