Hexagon OP Operator Alertness System

An integrated fatigue and distraction management solution, Hexagon OP Operator Alertness System helps operators of heavy and light vehicles to maintain the level of attention necessary for long hours and monotonous tasks.


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Main benefits

Protecting precious assets

Ensure your operators maintain the level of attention necessary for navigating long hours and monotonous tasks in light and heavy vehicles.

Keep business running smoothly

Be informed of your operators’ fatigue levels to prevent dangerous situations and ensure that everyone gets home safely.

Accelerate pursuit of zero harm

Continuously assess in real time the fatigue risks of individual operators and the complete fleet, allowing intervention, if necessary.

Don’t let your operators be driven to distraction

The mining industry demands world-class operational performance, not only in productivity but for safety, too. This includes driver fatigue and distraction, which are known to cause accidents and near-misses. The danger increases for operators of heavy and light machinery combined with monotonous work over long hours.

Hexagon OP Operator Alertness System (OAS) is an integrated fatigue and distraction-detection, alerting, and reporting solution that helps operators maintain the level of attention necessary for long shifts.

Integrated with Hexagon OP Collision Avoidance System (CAS), OAS uses sophisticated computer vision technology to provide a real-time fatigue and distraction risk status and traffic awareness to operators via unobtrusive, operator-friendly displays.

OAS delivers reliable, audible and vibratory alerts of fatigue and distraction events to avert imminent accidents. It features a cloud platform to continuously assess in real time the fatigue risks of individual operators and the complete fleet, allowing intervention, if necessary.

State-of-the-art fatigue and distraction edge computing

In response to distraction, drowsiness and microsleeps, computer vision AI provides real-time notifications to operators inside the cab of haul trucks, auxiliary and medium-sized mobile equipment, as well as in light vehicles, buses and semi-trucks. This empowers them to act.

Remote monitoring centers independently review each alert

Remote monitoring centers provide an independent review of each alert before notifying the mine via email or text of any critical events for immediate action. This helps build a data-driven safety picture of your operators and the entire fleet.

Easy to install and quick to configure

The in-cab device is easy to install and works in both light and dark conditions, and with masks, prescription glasses and/or lenses. The OAS-LV device communicates and integrates seamlessly with the OAS Analytics server, enabling full heavy- and light-vehicle fleet monitoring.


Improving mine safety

Safety’s too important for partial solutions. Learn how Hexagon helped Minera San Cristóbal S.A. address risks, minimize nuisance alarms and get everyone home safely.

Distraction detection explained

Vehicle operators often find themselves driven to distraction. See how our non-intrusive operator fatigue and distraction detection unit works for light vehicles.

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Award-winning technology

Learn more about Hexagon's safety solutions and the two prestigious awards received for its revolutionary mine safety solution that keeps operator fatigue in check.

Detecting distraction even through a mask

OAS allows operators to wear face masks while still being monitored for signs of fatigue and distraction, a particularly useful feature during COVID-19 when mines are mandating drivers to wear face masks.