Google Maps for real estate

Google Maps Platform for real estate

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  • Maps for listings, websites and applications

    With Google Maps Platform, you can add intuitive maps to your real estate and property management listing websites and applications. The APIs also support B2B solutions for Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and allow real estate investment organizations and insurance risk assessors to evaluate properties. With Google Maps, you can:

    • Offer easy-to-use maps that your customers and users are familiar with 

    • Easily deliver content across desktop and mobile websites and apps 

    • Include high-resolution imagery that shows property locations and the surrounding areas 

    • Provide curated Street View content to allow clients and users to get a feel for the property locations 

    • Provide clients with the ability to search points-of-interest information, with over 150 million places mapped
  • APIs for real estate

    APIs that support listing, information sharing, and assessments include:

    • Maps APIs display static and dynamic maps, including Street View images 

    • Geocoding API converts addresses to geographic coordinates or the reverse 

    • Places API sends clients to precise addresses based on reported locations 

    • Directions API provides directions and calculates current and future travel times to clients based on real-time traffic 

    • Distance Matrix API provides clients with possible commute time scenarios to work or other points of interest