Google Maps for e-commerce & retail

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  • Store and product finder

    Google Maps Platform can help customers find locations, directions and information about your stores and products. With it, you can:

    • Embed maps on your website with detailed location information
    • Help customers find their preferred location and provide directions
    • Allow customers to view available inventory by location


    APIs that support maps, directions, and other information include:

    • Maps APIs display static and dynamic maps and imagery with customizable styling to deliver the map experience you need for your customers and specific locations
    • Places API can geocode your store information against a highly accurate national database of addresses
    • Routes API provides time estimates and routes for driving, walking, cycling and public transportation
  • Online transactions

    Google Maps Platform improves the online shopping experience for your customers. With it, you can:

    • Make it easier for shoppers to enter their information
    • Simplify transactions for mobile users
    • Reduce data entry errors and the time and steps to complete transactions


    APIs that support online transactions include:

    • Geocoding API converts addresses to geographic coordinates, or the reverse
    • Places API provides store information, including location, contact information, ratings and reviews
    • Places API autocomplete feature enables users to populate known fields easily 

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  • Fleet management and delivery

    Google Maps Platform supports your shipping and delivery needs, including tracking inventory and vehicles, from global shipping to last-mile delivery. With it, you can:

    • Enable customers and carriers to conduct shipping transactions
    • Plan routes and provide directions based on rich location and real-time traffic data
    • Combine with telematics and track the real-time location of cargo and vehicles, including where they’ve traveled and how often they’ve moved
    • Obtain the information needed to optimize performance, routes, fuel usage, and maintenance


    APIs that support shipping and delivery include:

    • Maps APIs display static and dynamic maps
    • Geocoding API converts addresses to geographic coordinates, or the reverse
    • Places API sends drivers to precise addresses based on users’ reported locations
    • Directions API provides directions and calculates current and future travel times based on real-time traffic
    • Distance Matrix API delivers travel times and distances for one or more locations
    • Roads API creates precise itineraries by determining the route traveled and nearest roads along the way