Leica BLK247

Smart 3D Surveillance System

Smart Threat Detection

BLK247 is a smart 3D surveillance system that immediately determines threats versus non-threats with accuracy and reliability. It reduces false alarms and increases overall confidence in your security system.

BLK247 AI - Object Classification

Leica BLK247 AI software provides security and safety professionals with a powerful new tool to classify intruders as "human" or "non-human". This provides an additional layer of detection technology to existing security systems and reduces costly false alarms caused by animals, rain, trees swaying or trash blowing through the protected area.

Sensor Fusion

BLK247 sensor fusion technology combines LiDAR, video, and thermal imaging sensors. It monitors spaces by performing real-time change detection in 3D.

3D Solutions

BLK247 uses 3D measurements to solve real-world 3D problems that 2D security cameras can't.

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Full Coverage

The BLK247 is a multi-sensor device that provides 360° horizontal x 270° vertical field-of-view coverage. You can monitor an entire space and define specific are as of interest for surveillance using 3D geofencing.


The BLK247 comes in two models: x5 and i5. They can be used together to monitor an entire property.