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A legacy in sensors and software, a future in autonomous technology

Hexagon is committed to a simple, yet powerful purpose: Putting data to work to empower an autonomous future.

Data is in Hexagon’s DNA. Combined with a strong R&D base that drives innovation to grow organically, we have acquired companies that range from established leaders with decades of domain expertise to creative start-ups focused on emerging technologies. This combination has led to a transformation from a sprawling conglomerate to a global leader in sensors and software well-positioned to drive the autonomous revolution.

We've emerged as a leader in sensor solutions over 20 years, enabling the digital capture and positioning of the physical world. We added software solutions to not only unlock the value of sensor data but also offer the ability to design and simulate and provide location intelligence of real-world scenarios. And today, we’re combining things like machine learning and AI with our sensor and software leadership to create powerful autonomous solutions.


What is the autonomous future?

This shift from automation to autonomy is so monumental, so critical to our collective future, that the simple notion of putting data to work is our singular focus at Hexagon.

The promise of Industry 4.0 and the IoT era is anchored in the vast amounts of useful data being generated, but the challenge has always been our ability to actually put it to use. Instead of IoT generating trillions in value, business and industry have been confronted with a different reality. The sheer volume of data generated daily by connected things has defied our ability to capture, store, see, understand, and put it to work. In other words, data creation is outpacing our ability to use it. All of Hexagon's solutions aim to overcome this data leverage gap.

No matter the ingenuity or adaptation, all have required something in common: understanding what to do and executing well. Without a doubt, industry needs autonomous insight, or the ability to leverage the sheer volume of data available today behind the scenes, and then act accordingly, autonomously.

The shift from automation to autonomy will not happen overnight. Hexagon’s Smart Solutions portfolios purposefully empower an autonomous future — where data is fully leveraged so that business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive.

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Our strategic advantage: The Smart Digital Reality™

Our unique combination of core competencies gives us a strategic advantage — what we call the Smart Digital RealityTM. A Smart Digital Reality brings autonomy to the digital twin, and it’s what we aim to deliver with every solution we provide.

Digital twins fuse the physical and digital worlds with the ability to capture data of any attribute in the physical world, and then gain intelligence from that data or create simulated worlds on top of that information. With the ability to layer in real-time data and situational awareness, Smart Digital Realities introduce autonomy that allows these digital twins to make unaided decisions and become smarter over time.

Smart Digital Realities have the power to understand what was and what is, and to see what could be, what should be and what will be. They are more than mirror images of the physical world or simulated testing playgrounds — they are living re-creations of reality. In other words, they're the ultimate form of data leverage and the foundation for the autonomous future. This is our strategic advantage and the greatest source of value for our customers.

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Unleashing the power of autonomy

Hexagon has a bold vision for an autonomous future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive.