Our Divisions

Hexagon’s digital solutions create autonomous connected ecosystems (ACE), states where data is connected seamlessly through the convergence of the physical and digital world, and intelligence is built in to all processes. Our divisions are transforming industry dynamics and shaping new business models everywhere — whether driving quality and productivity improvements in manufacturing, improving the building or operations of complex industrial facilities, or managing infrastructure networks; delivering public services, securing nations and protecting populations; solving autonomous mobility; or ensuring availability of critical resources in agriculture and mining.


Enabling better planning, efficient execution, precise machine controls, and automated workflows with advanced technologies.


Delivering 5D smart digital worlds with location intelligence that conveys what was, is, could be, should be, and will be.


Creating smart digital realities from different views with powerful technologies that capture, measure, and visualise data.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Converging design and engineering, production, and metrology solutions to enable smart factories for digital transformation.


Solving the toughest surface and underground challenges with proven technologies for planning, operations, and safety.

Positioning Intelligence

Pioneering end-to-end solutions for assured positioning and correction for land, sea, and air.


Transforming unorganised information into smart digital assets to visualise, build, and manage structures and facilities.

Safety & Infrastructure

Improving the performance, efficiency, and resilience of vital services with software solutions for smart and safe cities.

Tech Highlights

Explore our latest and most disruptive innovations transforming industry dynamics and shaping new business models everywhere.