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Hexagon’s technology gives you the precision, flexibility and scalability to rapidly adapt and thrive in the new EV reality

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The automotive industry faces its greatest transition in a century. A raft of new regulations is driving the need for rapid innovation – to develop new vehicle architectures, improve battery technology, and scale up production of electric vehicles. This all comes at a substantial cost. The world's largest automakers are planning to spend nearly $1.2 trillion through 2030 to develop and produce the next generation of Zero Emissions Vehicles.

Change is happening at an unparalleled pace – in 2022 one in every seven cars sold worldwide was an electric vehicle. By 2030, EVs will represent more than 60% of vehicles sold globally. New hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles are also being developed to help manufacturers meet zero emissions targets.

In such a rapidly shifting landscape, manufacturers are having to pivot more drastically and faster than ever before, while also continuing to fulfil their existing requirements. It is a huge undertaking but there is no time to waste – to remain competitive in the new mobility paradigm and comply with ever evolving regulations, manufacturers must adapt and adapt now.

The drive to a new EV reality

The challenges of change

Responding to this pace of change, however, is no simple task. It is complex and costly. Cars have typically been made to type on fixed assembly lines, but the new EV reality requires a major rethink for auto manufacturers. It necessitates:

  • Engineering entirely new vehicle architectures
  • Accelerating innovation and time-to-market
  • Redesigning supply chains for greater resilience
  • Incorporating flexibility and customisation into the production
  • Efficiently scaling manufacturing capabilities to increase ROI

The transformation to a more sustainable automotive industry over the next decade will be defined by agility, speed and scalability. For OEMs and suppliers, it is business critical to be able to quickly adjust their products to reflect both changing regulations and customer requirements. This is where data-driven technologies become a game changer.

“Flexibility and digitalisation are the two keywords that will define the transformation of car production through this decade”
Ignazio Dentici
VP of Global Automotive and eMobility Industry
Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division
Ignazio DENTICI VP automotive_592x632

Lead the transition with data-driven technology

Imagine a world where factories operate as efficiently as possible but are also flexible; where product innovation can be swiftly scaled yet disruption is mitigated. We believe that world is already here – through a data-driven approach to design, manufacturing and operations, fusing the digital and the real.

Our unique portfolio of hardware and software solutions harness the vast volumes of data produced by today’s automotive manufacturing to enhance precision, automation and quality. Create digital twins that cut design cycles and accelerate the development and deployment of new EV technology. Manage and share data insights to reduce cost and waste at every stage of the value chain.

Hexagon technologies already touch over 95% of cars on the road. We have been a trusted and valued technology partner to the industry for decades. We helped overcome the challenges you faced in the past, help you tackle the ones you face today, and share your vision of how to build the industry of tomorrow.

Take the direct route to tomorrow’s EV reality

Hexagon’s solutions enable OEMs and Tier One suppliers to accelerate innovation and production for a new EV-powered reality. Get in touch with our experts today to find out more.