PAS Cyber Integrity® 7.3 optimizes organizations' approach to operational, security and compliance risk-reduction

23 March 2023

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division today announced the availability of PAS Cyber Integrity 7.3 a new software version for comprehending and resolving safety, security and compliance risk that is visualized in the customer’s preferred context.

Cyber Integrity 7.3 is unique in the marketplace for its ability to identify, analyze and score organizational risk across domains, enabling owner operators to focus their OT security investments on the activities that reduce the most risk. The new version of Cyber Integrity differs from competitors’ offerings by:

  • Delivering an enterprise-wide, holistic image of multiple risk domains with a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and enhanced risk-based decision-making
  • Utilizing proprietary risk scoring to rapidly identify risks in the environment of greatest concern while simultaneously considering the vulnerabilities and patching level of various assets
  • Precisely identifying systems at risk of penetration or exploit and providing meaningful and actionable data regarding risk level, vulnerabilities for remediation and the associated patches and upgrade paths providing the highest value
  • Prioritizing risk-reducing and vulnerability remediation activities that shrink the attack surface and quickly providing paths that reduce the greatest risk, with the least amount of effort

Cyber Integrity 7.3 is designed to enable customers to assess risk utilizing a proprietary risk scoring method to visualize and comprehend risk within the industrial facility in their own context.

“This is an industry first for visualizing and comprehending OT cyber security organizational risks in context," said Scott Plunkett, Senior Product Owner, Cyber Integrity. "PAS Cyber Integrity 7.3 provides a proprietary risk-scoring capability, customized to an organization’s specific requirements while simultaneously delivering the industry’s best situational awareness and rapid remediation of vulnerabilities.

“It’s incredibly important to include not just vulnerability and temporal risk, but also a customer’s own considerable understanding of the impact factors in their environment,” said Nick Cappi, Vice President, OT/ICS Cybersecurity Portfolio. “With this release, that once complex calculus becomes much easier, providing direction for customers by rapidly uncovering the most critical issues, easily prioritizing those problems and offering automated selection of the most efficacious route to remediation.”

There are no pricing changes for the new version as this is the continuing evolution of the PAS Cyber Integrity product.

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Influencer Relations Specialist/Global Communications Manager
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